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Global Companions is happy to have you as our successful partner and we are sure you can become even more successful with our continued cooperation and assistance. If you have any questions regarding development of your agency, attracting new girls, helping girls to choose the man they want to communicate with, or any questions connected with the technical side of the site, please do not hesitate to contact our managers, who are happy to help you. Sincerely yours,
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Flowers and Gifts Delivery service

Dear Partners,
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Plug the ladies in to our most pleasant feature — Flowers and Gifts Delivery!
Become ambassadors of care and tenderness.
Together with you we prove every day that the distance between men and women is just a word.
To know more about plugging in to this service, please contact our managers via Questions&Answers.
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Love is in the air - happy couples 2013

Dear partners,
We are grateful for your cooperation in 2013 and would like to mention the success stories that you sent us.
Due to our mutual efforts, and the intention of the girls to find their happiness on our website, a lot of successful stories started this way last year. We are so delighted and proud of the happy couples who met each other on our site.
Here are the photos of the glorious couples:
The warm smiles and sincere shine in the eyes - the perfect result, we all are looking for. These are not the full list of stories, but you have enlightened us and we are sure that a lot of happy hearts are going to meet each other this year. Send us your successful stories and they will become a stimulus for people who are still looking for their soul mates.
Sincerely yours,
Global Companions team